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It has combined the latest in technology with an unfilled need and promises to deliver a high quality product at a competitive price. Our services have limited competition in Washington and even nationally because of the nature of our clients. We have built an excellent reputation in the area and wish to capitalize on it to enter the national marketplace. To reach an even larger market we will develop and utilize a web page on the Internet. Funds required and usage, to continue to fund its growth and provide the money for franchise operations, national Mortgage will be seeking 150,000 in additional funding. This may come from either investors or from additional loans. Any additional funds obtained will be for working capital, equipment purchases, advertising, and expenses associated with setting up franchise operations. Projected, projected, projected, projected, projected, most likely case, year 1, year.

Rachel Rosana is the processing manager. National currently employs five additional people in various capacities. When volume picks up, additional part-time or full-time employees will be essay hired as the workload requires. National will continue to utilize the services from consultants in areas such as planning, budgeting, accounting, general business private advising, and law. Uniqueness and differentiation of the service. Will continue to specialize in serving individuals who have less than perfect credit or who are self-employed and cannot qualify for conventional loans. The company was formed to provide loans to this niche market. The company utilizes the most current technology to enable it to not only provide competitive pricing but also excellent service. In the future, we plan to offer complementary products such as secured credit cards and debit cards, insurance, and other investment tools. It is rare in today's business world to find a true market void. That is exactly what National has done.

mortgage business plan

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Management and ownership, the company is set up as a corporation with Jill Stone owning 100 of the stock. She initially helped set up the operations and even though she is now less active in the operations, she is available for consultation and advice. The corporation is an "S" corporation, but will be changed to a "C" corporation by the end of 1997 to satisfy requirements for becoming a franchiser. The corporation type of entity was chosen for liability protection, tax considerations, growth plans, stock option argumentative plans, and the opportunity to raise capital from investors more easily. Sue brown serves as vice president. She has five years of experience in the mortgage business. Helen Hunt serves as operations manager.

mortgage business plan

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The business is in its third year of operation. Operations are conducted from facilities located at 123 North main boulevard in seattle, washington. The premises consist of approximately 1,600 square feet. The first several years were used to build the business, equip the office and hire a competent staff. Key employees are jill Stone, sue brown, helen Hunt, and Rachel Rosana. The company currently employs five people. National is now ready to move original to a higher level and can handle a much greater volume. We are currently working with Merrill Lynch and abc to franchise our unique concept on a national scale.

We charge competitive interest rates. Our customers are very ready to work with us because they have usually been turned down by one or more lenders and we can provide them peace of mind and a way to solve their credit problems. The loans are secured with a second mortgage on their property. Hours of operation are monday through Friday, 10:00. M., and Saturday, 8:00. The processing center is open 8:00. M to 8:00. M., monday through Friday, and 8:00. Current position and future outlook.

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mortgage business plan

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Business plan national mortgage, inc. Main Blvd., suite 201. Seattle, washington 98108, this mortgage company specializes in lending money to people who have poor credit or who are self-employed and have problems qualifying for conventional loans. It plans to offer complementary credit cards and debit cards, as well as insurance, for this niche market. Future plans include national expansion.

This plan was provided by Ameriwest Business Consultants, Inc. Executive summary, objectives goals, strategies for achieving goals. Business description, status, outlook, management ownership, market analysis. Marketing strategies, five-year projections, ratio comparison, essay conclusions summary. Confidentiality Statement, the information, data, and charts embodied in this business plan are strictly confidential and are supplied on the understanding harrison that they will be held confidentially and not disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of National Mortgage. Executive summary, business description, national Mortgage has developed a unique concept of lending to people who have less than perfect credit or self-employed people who have a hard time qualifying for conventional loans. The money loaned out is typically used by borrowers to consolidate debt and can provide a source of huge savings for our clients by paying off high interest credit card debt.

If you want to see other picture, you can browse our other category. Professional Business Plan Template. A residential buy-to-let Mortgage is a secured business loan. Writing a mortgage Broker Business Plan. 2, 1979 The railway station: Part 2 Sapphire and Steel discover the ghost is a young World War I soldier who died in battle.

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Passing loan Mortgage broker business plan free commerce Plan, marketing Plan, how to pay, and Logging Directory. If you need more than just a quality control Plan, these allow you to get a bundle of documents that fit your business model. Module, and the red Flag/Identity Theft Plan Specific for Mortgage. Purchase the Two page mini business Plan today and discover how successful Mortgage Brokers achieve their financial goals using suzanne'ssample business Plans. "Quick" - mortgage Broker Business argumentative Plan " - talk to our Mortgage Broker consultants. We are mortgage Broker business plan professionals! You can browse other picture of Mortgage loan Officer Business Plan Template in our galleries below.

mortgage business plan

Mbe is pleased to present two events for 2018 in the key financial centres of leeds and London. A business plan is a written document that describes in detail how a business, usually a new one, is going to achieve its goals. Saved more than half on commercial mortgage rate The mortgage on my downtown car-shop was coming up for. At this point I went to get a second airline opinion from Business Plan Experts. This plan raised 2 million for a company desiring to build a stateoftheart mortgage processing application. Valuable mortgage has built a business model that addresses this need in a unique way. I am in the process of developing a business plan for my possible new employment with td canada Trust. I have applied to be a mobile mortgage specialist with td bank. Zone misinterpreted.

national mortgage, inc. Writing a business plan to buy an existing business. Distribution retailing and wholesaling business plan. Distance learning school developer online business plan bundle. Welcome to mortgage business expo.

It cannot be stressed too strongly that a good Mortgage Broker business plan is the cornerstone of successful financing. If you want investors' money, you've got to give them good reasons to buy. The business plan is where you lay out years the reasons.

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Mortgage Broker is an agent of a lender who brings the lender and borrower together. The broker receives a fee for this service. The importance of a comprehensive, thoughtful business plan cannot be overemphasized. Much hinges on it: outside funding, credit from suppliers, management of your operation and finances, promotion and marketing of your business, and achievement of your goals and objectives. "Quick" - mortgage Broker Business Plan" - talk to our Mortgage essay Broker consultants: First Name: Last Name: Email Address: Phone number: Opening a mortgage Broker Business, the following elements should be a part of your plan, depending upon your objective, like summary (strategy overview. Contact us: business plans for opening a mortgage Broker business - for a professional restaurant Mortgage Broker plans for your startup company. Mortgage Broker business plan professionals!

mortgage business plan
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Trump's new tax plan proposes cutting the home-mortgage-interest deduction limit in half. A td business Mortgage can help you finance new property, expand existing premises or consolidate business debts.

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  4. While our system is designed as an operating business plan, this addresses the more traditional business plan model. Encyclopedia of, business, 2nd. Mortgage, company, business Plan : Business, plans - volume.

  5. Our responsibility as mortgage professionals is to determine what. Are you about starting a mortgage brokerage company? If yes, here s a complete sample mortgage brokerage firm business plan template free feasibility report. These business plan templates allow you to address the business plan requirements of regulators and investors.

  6. Claremont Funding is an outstanding mortgage brokerage firm serving the lending needs of real estate professionals, builders and individual home buyers. We have access to a full range of mortgage sources and are dedicated to finding the right loan -with the best rates, terms and costs-to meet our. Claremont Funding is a new company that provides a high level of expertise. We will provide superior personal service to buyers. We take pride in knowing that 70 of our business comes from repeat clients and their referrals.

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